Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tyler Perry on How to Be Successful

Friday, March 9, 2012

Faith During Your Journey to Succcess

"Optimism is key to reaching high levels of success."~ Valorie Burton

Hello all!

I am currently reading Valorie Burton's book, "The Successful Woman Thinks Differently". There has never been a truer statement! The journey to success is not an easy one. There are twists, turns, ups, downs, long roads seemingly headed nowhere and complete dead- ends. Sometimes, "Why even bother?" creeps into our hearts and minds because the headaches associated with succeeding sometimes seem like too much! This is why so many give up before even really getting started or throw in the towel just on the brink of their breakthrough.

I have learned that in order to be successful, your thought process has to be one of a hopeful, faith-filled, optimistic person. Success is a result of pushing through and persevering! In order to do this though, you must know your purpose. You have to know why you are pushing toward what you are pushing toward! If you were to sit down and evaluate your life's purpose, would you know what it would be? Do you have any idea how you would get there? Once these questions have been answered, the next question should be; "Am I willing to do what it takes to get there"? If the answer is a resounding 'Yes!' then there is where you begin. Yes, thats only the beginning!

The next step is perhaps the hardest one for some; having enough faith in God to know He is going to take you places you have never even dreamed you could go. This is not something I came up with on my own. The bible says, "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us..." Ephesians 3:20. The journey to success is just that- a journey. Journeys are never easy. Perpetual "bumps" in the road are inevitable. These bumps come in the form of rejection, financial issues, temporary failures, fear, etc,etc. During this time faith is your stronghold. Optimism results from your faith. Your faith reminds you that God is with you. These temporary setbacks are in their own way, propelling you forward by teaching you what works and what doesn't. Your faith reminds you of what the bible says in Mark 11:24: "Therefore I say unto you, whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you will receive them, and you shall have them."

Despite what you may see around you your faith in God will push you through and give you the desire of your heart. Being optimistic in this way is not for the weak-hearted woman. You must have a strong belief in God, a strong sense of self, and a strong sense of purpose. You must believe in your vision. This vision is yours and yours only. No one can truly see it except you and God. If you are blessed enough to have a great support system behind you then thank God! Having people in your life who believe in your vision is a true blessing! However, if you don't, don't give up. You have the vision you have because God gave it to YOU! If the vision is there, it is there for a reason!

Lets look at some examples: What was Tyler Perry's vision? How many supporters did he have at first? What was his journey? Where is his vision now?
What was God's vision for Moses? Who believed in Moses' vision at first? What was Moses' journey like? What was the result of Moses' journey?
Oprah Winfrey? Madam C.J. Walker? Kem? These are just a precious few examples. I could go on and on. There are so many similarities in the journeys of these people. One of the main ones is the fact that they (seemingly) failed so many times but something in them kept propelling them forward. Yes there were insecurities and feelings of doubt and despair. Through it all though, something made these people keep going util they accomplished the unthinkable and some are still going!

This journey to success is not an easy one but it is definitely one that can be accomplished. Having a firm belief in God and yourself is key to getting to where you want to go. Optimism is a result of your faith. Being optimistic in the midst of temporary failures and setbacks will allow you to find the lessons intended for your benefit and will allow you to be confident that you will succeed no matter what!

I hope this helps someone as it has helped me!

Here's to your success!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Your Life!!

Hello all!

I'm hoping this post finds everyone happy, well and healthy during this holiday season.

I have been reflecting on my life lately due to some recent occurances in my life. Everytime I reach a roadblock or an obstacle in my life, I sit back and ponder what decision led me there and what lesson am I to get from it.

I begin to think about the life I desire. Have I done anything to get there? A resounding "Yes!" filled my head. I thought about the sacrafices I made, the ties I have broken, the scary things, etc. I thought of the times I made moves with my husband and 3 daughters in tow. They were thinking I had it all planned out but in reality all I was working off of was the faith I had in God. It has taken plenty of prayer and fasting but the life I have envisioned for years is finally beginning to come into fruition.But guess what? Just as things begin to flourish here comes the devil trying to make me question my choices and coming success. Ofcourse for the first few minutes, I questioned myself; Did I say the right things? Did I make the right choices? Should I have done this? Should I have done that? Yep. All the usual questions and insecurities. This lasted about a day or two and after a lot of prayer and self- reflection a light came on in my head. Your'e doggone right I did the right things! And Hell no, I don't regret my choices!! I may not have always done the right things and I may not have always made the best choices but I was tired of the way my life and the lives of my family were headed. So instead of sitting, waiting and complaining, I (with God Almighty's help) did somehting about it! It took courage and huge, huge anounts of faith but we made a change!

Fear is a trick the devil uses to keep us back and our dreams unfulfilled. Fear will also diminish our self-confidence until it is no more. Although it is a very natural thing to feel fear, that does not mean "Don't go forward", it means to pray, read 1 Timothy 1:7, and go for it! We are only given one life ( the bible says nothing to me about coming back as a butterfly or a dog,etc.) and regardless to what mama did to you or didn't do for you, or what that no-good, lying cheating ex did (you get my drift), you can still have the life you desire. All you have to do is pray and ask God to lead and guide you there. And when He does, MOVE!!!

On my way out for today, Let me share a little secret with you. I used to be afraid to ask God for certain things because I was afraid he wouldnt want me to have those things. I thought he would think, " She doesn't need anything like that, thats too extravagant for her, why would I give her that?" or "Thats not important enough for me (God) to be concerned with." Do you know what I was doing? I was limiting God to a man's mind. Thats what a person would say. I was totally insulting everything God stands for with my own stupid thinking! Then, I read John 10:10 which says: " The theif does not come except to steal, and to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." I love it!

You can have the life you desire! Regardless of what things look like now. Regardless to your limits. Regardless. You can have the life you desire, simply because God has given you the power to. AS LONG AS YOU ARE ALIVE, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES! When challenges come, dont stop! Keep going! Keep praying! Keep going! Your life is yours! What you do with it is up to you!

I will speak to you all soon, Lord willing!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Are You Aiming For Comfort? If So, Stop it!!


I hope this post finds you all doing well!
I'd just like to start this post off by saying, God has really been answering my prayers in a big way. I am slowly starting to see my career goals coming into fruition. I am really in love with my current position. I love my hours and I love the impact I am currently making. Well, apparently, my overseers are liking it too because I was offered a higher position. Well, my initial feelings were, "yay!!!!" but then, my excitement began to waiver and panic set in. My thoughts were, "I'll have a different schedule, different coworkers, and longer hours. Where I am now, I'm really making an impact, will I be able to do this in this new found position?!"

My next thought then was, " Well, I'm just going to decline. I'm comfortable where I am." Thats when it hit me! I have all these huge goals and ambitions, how in the world am I gonna motivate and inspire millions of women, if I cant rise to this occasion, how will I ever rise to anything more than what I already have?

I've spent alot of time studying a few of the successful women I admire and the one thing that stands out about them is the fact that these women were willing to work harder than anyone in their particular line of work, including their bosses, in order to get where they were trying to go. This really hit home for me. Working all those long hours away from their home and the comfort of their families had to be taxing on their lives but they did it and it paid off. What's more is the really, really successful ones continue to challenge themselves and in turn, they continuously become better and not to mention richer!

The moral of the story is, comfort should not be the goal if you are striving for success. Comfort produces mediocrity, which places you one a certain level and keeps you there! For some that may be ok, but my dreams are too big for that!

Keep challenging ourself ladies!

See ya next time!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello all!!

I am thankful to report that God has placed some great opportunities in my way. That would explain my absence but I do plan to update my blog much more frequently. I promise!!

Its amazing how when God gives us the things we ask for, the battle is LONG from over! I have learned that God is a God of progression. There is no way we can be who we pray to be if we aren't willing to progress. In other words, there is no way we can progress if we dont progress. In my research for this blog, I looked up the words "progress" and "progression" and these words and phrases stood out to me- "movement", "advance", "development","steady improvement". All of these words are action words, meaning that something is constantly going on! This was such an eye opener for me!!

The message I received from this is that in order for me to be the best I must be willing to CONSTANTLY reinvent myself! This means that I cannot allow myself to lay back and be satisfied in my new found positioning, because you know what? If I do, I wont have it! Think about it! The most successful celebs have to keep it fresh,new and innovative. People like Beyonce, Ciara, Angela Basset, Denzel Washington; when they are successful in a certain movie or song, do they just chill and enjoy the success of that one song or movie? No! They are on to the next thing and most of the time its the total opposite of what they did before! We know Denzel is an awesome hero but he has proven to be an awesome bad guy too! Yes Bey is the Single Lady queen but she can belt out a love ballad that will bring tears to your eyes!

Even though self reinvention can be scary it is also liberating! You dont have to stay the same, you can and will be better! Dont be afraid to step out of your box!The only limitations we have on our lives are the ones we put on ourselves. And when we limit ourselves we are also limiting our pocketbooks!

I hope this helps someone!